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Oh yeah, I don't own any of this shit. If you want it off of my page, say so. Im not making money from these pics, they just catch my eye.

CYA statement - 18+ Doesn't matter anyways young folks, not one nekid nothin.

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'40 Willys Coupe

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harley davidson


Photo by @motopsycho73. Engraved #tankart created by Otto Carter featured on The Holy Diver built by @theheadchoppa. Please give Otto a follow, @otto3rd and check out the full feature on this bike. Link is on our profile. #chopcult #chopcultfeatures #engraving #motorcycletank #builtnotbought

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1948 Talbot Lago T24


If my jokes offend you:

  1. I’m sorry
  2. It won’t happen again
  3. 1 & 2 are lies 
  4. You’re a pussy

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that last fucking picture

My dude Scout

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#Repost from @dustyallison Happy Birthday Papa. via Instagram

killer digital art, can’t find the artist’s name (easily), but well played!

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Hot Rod mercury 50’s!

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